About Délaer

About the painter Délaer

The painter Délaer (1966) is a passionate and professional artist who lives for his art. In paint he knows how to compose reality into a living stillness. The well-matching frames for his paintings are designed by the artist himself.

The intensive labour that goes with working on large paintings is alternated with working on smaller ones; light-minded, hinting at his background as an illustrator and with a tender spot for animals.

Whoever views his works will recognize the sources which inspire him: works by Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Verkaaik, Borremans, Klimt, Mucha and Wyeth.

Time spent on painting is divided equally between free work and work in commission. For a long time he worked for Top Drawers Agency in Amsterdam and for various advertising agencies. Délaer’s paintings have been represented by both Gallery Smelik & Stokking in Amsterdam/The Hague and Gallery ”De Bekoring” in Wijk bij Duurstede for a long time now.

The painter lives and works in Schiedam and shares his life with Mieke. And another thing: he loves running and covers 10 kilometers within 36 minutes. He considers this the best way to remain focused on his work and it brings him peace and routine in his daily life.